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Chiropractor Garner NC Adam Seay

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Adam Seay D.C.

Growing up, I always wanted to work in the medical field. I wanted to help those who were suffering. I envisioned myself as a doctor who could aid the recovery process of someone who was in pain or ill. While I was attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, my interests were redirected toward a wellness model. I became interested in exercise, diet, and nutritional support to help improve my own health.

My passion is to provide not only pain relief to my patients but also complete health and wellness at the deepest level. I believe this involves Chiropractic care, diet, exercise, nutritional support, proper detoxification, and emotional/spiritual health.

We have amazing patients!

We cannot say enough good things about Dr. Seay & what all he has done for our family. Most notably, for my Aunt. She was misdiagnosed as having Parkinson's for TEN years. One visit with Dr. Seay & hr immediately wanted to test her for Lyme Disease. Turns out, that is EXACTLY what was going on with her.

He helped diagnose my yeast overgrowth & leaky gut syndrome. He is truly a doctor who cares about his patients, thinks outside of the box, & has a knack for helping patients get to the root of their health issues. He comes highly, highly recommended by our family

Dana H.

Dr. Seay is an amazing doctor. You never feel that he's rushing you through the appointment, he takes the time to listen and he always gets to the bottom of the problem and fixes it. I've been seeing him 8 years, and as a mom of four, he has been a lifesaver, adjusting my back and neck, relieving pain from all of the liftings that I do. I always get instant relief from back pain after an appointment.

Dr. Seay has helped me with my thyroid issues and he even takes on the tough "mystery" cases and solves them. He treats my whole family whenever we have a sports-related injury or a ballet related injury. His whole body wellness approach works and we appreciate his attention to detail and the care that he exhibits for every person.

Cady D.

Dr. Seay is awesome! He is the best Doctor I have ever met. He doesn't just band-aid your problems, he takes the time to get to the root of your problem. He is kind, caring, and intelligent. He is spot on about knowing his craft.

He works with you to tailor-fit a treatment plan based on your needs and finances. He and his receptionist are both warm and friendly as can be. Dr. Seay goes out of his way to offer an amazing first 2 visit price. I have never left a Dr.'s office feeling like I had been taken so seriously until after seeing him. I definitely will be going back!

Desirae D.

Dr. Seay is an amazing chiropractor! He is extremely knowledgable about holistic health. If you are looking for assembly line chiropractic he is not the one. I have been to numerous chiropractors over the years with a hip problem that I have had for 11 years. I have been pain-free now for several months.

Dr. Seay will help you get to the root cause of your problem and will not give up! He spends lots of time with you and addresses any issues that you are having! He is not pushy about having you come back on a regular schedule. He leaves it entirely up to you to contact him as needed. Dr. Seay is very passionate about what he does and I feel blessed to have him for my Chiropractor!

Sheila G.


Chiropractor Garner NC

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