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Functional Medicine gets to the heart of dysfunction by establishing the best parameters for detection of biochemical alterations. Traditional parameters in laboratory testing consider dysfunction in the bottom and top 2%, while everyone inside the reference range is "normal."  In functional medicine, the normative values are tightened into optimal values and dysfunction can be detected early.  Once sub-optimal systems are established, the necessary interventions can reverse the alteration and restore function.


Functional medicine goes above and beyond the standard of care by expanding the paradigm of testing.  Functional medicine delves into advance tests that are not typically done by your medical doctor.  For example, you struggle with migraine headaches and want to know what is causing them?  Functional medicine would test for food sensitivities, adrenal stress, hormone testing, chronic infection screen, heavy metals, and organic acids.  Rather than just trying to provide symptom relief, functional medicine will dig deeper to remove the culprit.

Please note that Functional Medicine is not a covered service through insurance.  Insurance only covers structural care through a chiropractor. Our office offers affordable options for you and your family. 

If you are ready to end the nightmare of going from doctor to doctor and getting no where, give Seay Wellness a call today to schedule a functional medicine evaluation.  Our number is 919-662-0520.