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Research has demonstrated that the best outcomes for musculoskeletal conditions occur when rehab is combined with chiropractic. Seay Wellness in Garner not only uses chiropractic treatment but also uses postural rehab and functional movement.

Seay Wellness employs technology in assessing posture. In doing so, we have the ability to quantify your progress through treatment.

therapies to help you improve posture in Garner:

  • Posture Pump
  • Balance pad
  • Head Weights
  • Exercise With Oxygen Therapy
  • Chi Machine
  • Resistance Bands

Seay Wellness utilizes functional movement to improve your outcomes for success.  Improving posture and improving alignment via adjusting can be helpful but by not addressing movement, one will never reach their full potential for success in their health. Functional movement helps to identify where issues are occurring and how to rehab them correctly.

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