The Impact Of Heavy Metals In Lyme Disease By A Garner Chiropractor

The impact of heavy metals in lyme disease

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In today's world, we are bombarded by heavy metals. Heavy Metals are used in industrial manufacturing, power plants, and in medicine and dentistry. They are found in vaccines, light bulbs, deodorants, cookware, pesticides, dental amalgams, fish, and much more. In addition, certain heavy metals can be transferred from mom to the child in utero. For people suffering from Lyme disease in Garner, heavy metals are the rate-limiting step in their ability to get better. Certain heavy metals, in particular mercury, greatly impair the immune system's ability to get to the bacteria. Heavy metals can be utilized by Borrelia in the formation of its biofilm, making it impenetrable by the immune system.

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Since we are all subject to heavy metals, how do we identify heavy metals? This is an ongoing controversial subject, as many doctors have their opinions on which test is best. I will tell you, there is no full-proof test when it comes to heavy metal testing. I have certain ones that I like to test but like everything else, a physician must look at the whole picture. For my Lyme patients, I like to screen for not only biotoxin illness (Lyme and mold) but also for heavy metals and toxins. This screening tool is the Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) Test. The other aspect I look at as a screen is applied kinesiology. If I see these two screens test positive, I will recommend further testing.

Tests For Heavy Metals:

  • Hair Elements by Doctor's Data
  • Mercury Tri-Test (hair, blood, urine) with Blood Metals by Quicksilver Scientific
  • Fecal Metals by Doctor's Data
  • Urine Provocation by Doctor's Data
  • Urine Porphyrins

In my Chiropractic Office in Raleigh, I like to do the Hair Elements from Doctor's Data and the Mercury Tri-Test + Blood metals by Quicksilver Scientific. The Hair Elements does not distinguish between organic mercury versus inorganic mercury. However, I use Dr. Cutler's counting rules to gauge whether mercury toxicity is present.

The better test for mercury exposure is the Mercury Tri-Test. This test will split mercury into how much is organic mercury and how much is inorganic mercury. Oftentimes, patients will have a mouthful of dental amalgams (metal fillings) and their hair shows no mercury toxicity.

The Mercury Tri-test will demonstrate how the amalgam is off-gassing into their body. Many physicians like the urine provocation with a chelator to see how much the chelator pulls out into the urine. To me, the main problem with this test is the use of a chelator, typically in high amounts, may not be tolerated by many people.

The next conundrum in the battle to remove heavy metals is what is the best way to remove them? I have always been a proponent of the safe removal of heavy metals. Before one starts chelating, one must be sure to remove the source of heavy metals. In particular, removing dental amalgams are necessary before engaging in the deep clearance of mercury. If you are continuing to receive vaccines, you must be aware that you are putting aluminum and mercury (flu vaccine) directly into your bloodstream.

You cannot just easily remove these after each shot. You have to eliminate the source, period. For removal, there are multiple ways to remove metals, and the best way is left to interpretation.

Removal of Heavy Metals

At Seay Wellness in Garner, I use the following to assist with the removal of heavy metals:

  • Detox Qube by Quicksilver Scientific
  • True Cellular Detox by Systemic Formulas
  • Metal and Mineral Balancing Kit by DesBio
  • Pectinate (MCP)
  • Liposomal Glutathione
  • Cytodetox
  • Cilantro tincture
  • Chlorella
  • R-Lipoic Acid

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